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Vancouver School Application

Britannia Secondary School

1001 Cotton Drive
Britannia Secondary School is centrally located in Vancouver’s most vibrant and ethnically diverse area. It is a true community school sharing an 18-acre complex that gives students access to recreational facilities including a swimming pool, ice rink, racquet ball courts, fitness center and four gymnasiums. Britannia has approximately 800 students and offers the International Baccalaureate Program. A strong school spirit is shared amongst students and staff, in school athletics, music, student leadership and club activities. Students may study modified or enriched academic courses, and electives in art, graphic art, business and leadership.

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

7055 Heather Street
Churchill is a comprehensive school located in the Oakridge area with approximately 2,000 students. It offers a rich and varied program that includes traditional academic courses as well as French Immersion, peer tutoring, art, business, drama, music and technology. The school has a large athletic program and active student government. Many students each year are recognized for their academic achievements.

David Thompson Secondary School

1755 East 55th Avenue
David Thompson is a comprehensive school of 1,850 students. Staff and students are proud of the school and its beautifully landscaped grounds. Thompson emphasizes strong academics, student leadership and service to others. Its students won numerous science, mathematics and English awards in Canada and North America. Course electives include: strings, fine arts, marketing, entrepreneurship, webpage design, drafting and design, engineering and robotics. Several teachers have also received the Prime Minister’s Award of Excellence in Teaching.

Eric Hamber Secondary School

5025 Willow Street
Eric Hamber is located in the Oakridge area between Van Dusen Gardens and Queen Elizabeth Park. Eric Hamber is a comprehensive secondary school with approximately 1,620 students. It offers an excellent academic program which includes enriched academics and Advanced Placement. The fine arts include the band, choir and strings programs and drama. Information technology courses are a focus; other electives include fashion design and dance.

Gladstone Secondary School

4105 Gladstone Street
Gladstone Secondary School is a diverse multicultural high school, with approximately 1,300 students. Special emphasis at Gladstone is given to choral music, dance, drama and journalism. Students learn about design in the province’s first Design Access Computer Lab. Other elective areas are robotics, electronics, fine arts, and photography. In the past three years, half of Gladstone’s graduating students earned honours standing on provincial exams. Students can participate in the school’s strong athletics program and in community service leadership opportunities.

John Oliver Secondary School

530 East 41st Avenue
John Oliver is a vibrant and friendly high school. The school’s 1,100 students come from many cultural and ethnic backgrounds. A comprehensive educational program includes enriched, honours and Advanced Placement courses, and opportunities in academics, arts, athletics, and information technology. John Oliver students win awards and scholarships in many fields and John Oliver’s strong and varied athletic program has s supported championship teams over the years. Elective courses include: drafting and design, web page design, marketing, electronics, French, Spanish, Mandarin, law, art, choir, drama and band.

King George Secondary School

4105 1755 Barclay Street
King George is a small school of 440 students near Stanley Park and downtown Vancouver. Its small size is one of its biggest assets. While the population is diverse, students are accepting of each other and there is strong sense of community. King George offers a comprehensive academic program. Students may also choose electives in fine arts, business, information technology, CAD design, home economics, and physical education. Second language courses are offered in French and Mandarin.

Killarney Secondary School

6454 Killarney Street  
Killarney Secondary is a dynamic, comprehensive school with over 2,000 students. It features a strong academic program and elective courses including electronic piano keyboard, music composition, business education, entrepreneurship, jewellery making, clothing and textiles, Japanese, French and Spanish language study. Killarney has the city’s largest and most varied fine arts program, featuring an internationally recognized music program in band, choral and strings, and award winning programs in arts, graphics and drama. The school shares facilities and sports grounds with Killarney Community Centre, including its swimming pool and arena.

Kitsilano Secondary School

2706 Trafalgar Street
Located in the residential Kitsilano neighborhood, Kitsilano Secondary is a comprehensive school with 1,525 students. It offers strong academic and athletic programs as well as a friendly, cooperative atmosphere. Students can choose from a diversity of programs including French Immersion, academic enriched courses and athletics. The students’ average scores on Ministry of Education Grade 12 final examinations are above the city and provincial averages. Elective courses include music, art, graphic design, drama, animation and business education.

Lord Byng Secondary School

3939 West 16th Avenue
Lord Byng is located on a nine-acre site, including an indoor swimming pool and recreation centre, two kilometers from the University of British Columbia. Lord Byng is a comprehensive school with a population of 1,300 students. It offers a full program, including Advanced Placement courses, business education, Spanish and French. The school has a special emphasis in theatre, orchestra and the visual arts.

Magee Secondary School

6360 Maple Street
Situated in the residential Kerrisdale community, Magee is a largely academic comprehensive school of 1,200 students. Many students participate in Magee’s acclaimed music and choir programs, and the school sports and activity clubs. Advanced Placement courses are offered in art, calculus and English. A high percentage of graduating students continue to study at the post-secondary level.

Point Grey Secondary School

5350 East Boulevard
Point Grey Secondary School has a distinctive building, bordered by a fine track and field facility, tennis courts and an ice arena. There are 1,340 students from diverse cultural backgrounds, who participate in academics, athletics, performing arts and leadership. Modern language programs include French, Japanese and Spanish. Point Grey also offers courses in calculus, visual art and design, drama, stagecraft, choir and band.

Prince of Wales Secondary School

2250 Eddington Drive
Prince of Wales enrolls 1,200 students and has a strong academic program. Students are encouraged to participate in a range of courses and activities to provide them with a well-rounded education. Elective courses include clothing and textiles, marketing, management, psychology, law, geography, art and graphic design. Band, chorus, jazz and music composition are also offered. The school has a strong extra-curricular program of intramural and school sports teams, many clubs and community service opportunities.

Templeton Secondary School

727 Templeton Drive
Templeton Secondary School is located in a residential area near Victoria Drive and Hastings Park. It has a student population of 1,050. Templeton offers a fully comprehensive educational program. Students interested in drama, film/ video production or film studies may study here in Templeton’s excellent, award-winning program. At Templeton, students may study academic courses, physical education, computer studies, arts and culinary arts. There is also a wide choice of sports clubs, activities, and community service.

Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School

419 East 24th Avenue
Tupper is centrally located in the city. The lovely school grounds have playing fields and tennis courts. It is a community of students drawn from around the world, characterized by friendly staff and students. Tupper is a comprehensive school of 1,020 students. Academic course electives available are: law, geography, biology, computer studies, calculus, physics, chemistry, history, and literature. Second language courses are available in French, Spanish, and Japanese. Students may choose from a variety of other elective courses, such as dance, drafting and design, drama, art and music. School sports are strong, and there are also many active clubs and activities to join.

University Hill Secondary School

3228 Ross Drive
University Hill Secondary is situated in a naturally beautiful setting on the campus of the University of British Columbia. It is a small school with a multicultural school community. Since its inception, University Hill students have had a record of outstanding scholastic achievement. The school has a capacity of 800 students, with emphasis on academics and active participation in fine and performing arts and athletics.

Vancouver Technical Secondary School

2600 East Broadway Avenue
Recognized by the Canadian Education Association as one of the twenty-one “exemplary” secondary schools in Canada, Vancouver Technical is an academic secondary school enrolling 1,700 students. It offers diverse academic programs which includes Advanced Placement courses in English, French, calculus, chemistry, and physics; electives in business education, fine arts, home economics, graphic design, woodworking, metal craft, jewellery making, physical education, and technology education; second language instruction in English, French, Mandarin and Spanish. Extra-curricular opportunities for students include art, athletics, performing arts, and community service.

Windermere Secondary School

3155 East 27th Avenue
Windermere Secondary School provides education programs for 1,330 students. The school provides honours, enriched, and Advanced Placement courses for highly motivated students. Elective courses are offered in art, drama, music, business education, information technology, foods, clothing, woodwork, electronics, drafting, and fashion design. Second language instruction is offered in French, Mandarin, and Spanish. Windermere has an excellent Career Centre which assists students with career and post-secondary education choices. Many graduates have been recognized not only for academic achievement, but also for their contributions to the school and community.

South Hill School

6010 Fraser Street
South Hill offers an excellent secondary education program for students who are 18 years of age or over. It enrolls over 4,000 students in full or part-time studies in a quarter system (9-week terms). As at college or university, students may plan an educational program that meets their scheduling needs. A complete program of academic courses is available. The Career Centre has many resources available to students that include a variety of career and educational options.

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