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Confidence . Self-Esteem . Success

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  • Regular English – Writing/ Reading
  • ELL Studies (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)
  • Social Studies, Math, Calculus, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
    (Includes IB and AP Curriculum)
  • Foreign Languages (includes French, Spanish and Mandarin)
  • SSAT/ /IELTS Exam Preparation
  • Adult ELL and Citizenship Exam Preparation


Our university application coaching service aims to get local and international students to Canadian universities of their dreams. Our academic counsellors, who have themselves graduated from the best Canadian universities, know exactly how to make your child stand out during the application process. Our service includes:
  • Targeted application planning and strategic guidance
  • One-on-One coaching for student personal profiles
  • Reference letters and transcripts submission
  • Art portfolio preparation and presentation
  • University Campus Tours
Six college students listening to mature female lecturer with laptop in classroom


Our educational counselling program is an extension of our tutoring services. Our teachers and tutors not only commit themselves to your child’s success in the classroom, but they are also cultivating your child’s social skills and instilling best learning practices. Our educational counselling program includes:
Serious old mentor teaching intern or student pointing at laptop
  • Individualized learning goals communicated every week
  • Course selection guidance and course planning every school term
  • Assistance with registration for after-school clubs and summer camps
  • Matching service for volunteering and employment opportunities
  • Job search preparation, leadership workshops, and financial planning courses
  • Educational field trips in BC.


Moving to a new country can be challenging for a child, especially if they are expected to excel at school right away. Our mentorship program is specially designed to assist newly immigrated children to adapt to Canadian society. Drawing from their training and experience, our tutors will work as role models to guide and to mentor your child as they attend a Canadian school for the first time. By easing your child’s transition into their new home, we build the foundation that leads to academic excellence.
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