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If your child wants to succeed in academics, but experiences difficulty in working up to his full potential in school, Apple Tutoring provides educational services that will help your child to develop essential learning skills to achieve academic success. We offer One-on-One personalized tutoring for students with different levels and school ages in the convenience of your own home. We believe that every child deserves to reach their full potential, despite any learning obstacles or barriers they have encountered.


Our mission is to provide your child with the highest quality tutoring services by qualified, certified teachers in the comforts of your home. We recognize that foreign culture and language are two major obstacles that prevent many new immigrants and international students from achieving academic success. Apple tutoring is here to help. In addition to our customized one-on-one academics tutoring, we will help your child to improve their English language skills and learn about Canadian culture by introducing a mentorship and volunteering program. This program helps students get involved with their community and immerses them into Canadian culture.


Apple Tutoring is different from traditional tutoring centres where students visit a couple times per week to work on standardized lessons. At Apple Tutoring, we take a new and unique approach by providing in- home, one-on-on tutoring that is customized specifically for each student’s needs. We believe students excel quicker if they are given one-on-one coaching in a place where they feel comfortable and can fully focus. We are helping students from kindergarten to high school on their way to academic achievement in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, West Vancouver, and New Westminster area. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your child and family’s busy life.


A Message from the founder:

My passion of tutoring started in 1998 when I came to Vancouver as an international student. I understand the strength needed to adapt to Canadian culture and the necessity to overcome the language barriers. I believe that every student can attain their goals through support, encouragement, and motivation.This understanding has allowed me to create a tutoring company that focuses on providing a quality educational service that allows students to achieve their academic success.


As the owner of Apple Tutoring, I feel that it is important to connect prospective learners with the proper qualified tutors in order to ensure the success of the individual student. It is with the utmost importance that my role as facilitator is to pair the student with a tutor who is able to customize lessons in order to enhance the individualized sessions. By offering a unique tutoring service, I am able to assist new immigrant families and international students by finding the right tutor to fulfill their academic goals. While the learner and the tutor work together, the student is able to acquire Canadian culture and study the English language at a microscopic level. When the student is equipped with the tools to be successful, they will have the confidence to conquer the challenges they encounter.

About Apple Tutoring:

Apple Tutoring was founded in 2007 with a focus on introducing a new concept in tutoring by offering one-on-one, in-home tutoring for students. We are confident in our beliefs that a student’s chances of enrichment are greatly improved when they are coached one-on-one in the comforts of their home. In addition, we recognize that students new to Canada may experience problems in school due to the language and cultural barriers they face when adapting to a new environment.



It is through this awareness that Apple Tutoring has based its learning programs on helping students to develop academically and socially to rich their full potential. We are committed to accommodate the personal needs of each student and create a positive learning experience while building confidence and self-esteem.


Confident . Self-Esteem . Success


Our philosophy is simple: Every child has the potential to succeed at school if given the proper encouragement, motivation, and techniques to work with. We believe our success is attributed to the caliber of our teaching staff and their dedication to listen and observe how each student works and learns.



This approach enables our tutors to then provide the student with appropriate strategies to work with so they can learn more effectively and advance quickly. Our goal is to reach students with academic difficulties as early as possible and to build their lifelong learning strategies and problem solving skills.



This positive intervention will begin a cycle of confidence, motivation, and academic success which will stay with the student throughout their lifetime.



Through our free assessment, we will customize learning strategies and develop study plans to fit individual students’ needs. We will hand select a tutor whom will best suit for your child’s learning style and personality. To ensure positive and productive academic improvement for your child, his/ her progress will be monitored and tracked.



For more information on Apple Tutoring’s in-home tutoring service or to arrange a free consultation, call 604-247-1228.


Academic Tutoring:

  • Regular English – Writing/Reading; (Include IB and AP curriculum)

  • ESL conversation/Writing/Reading

  • Math, Calculus, Science, Physics, Chemistry , Biology, Social Studies

  • Foreign Languages (includes French, Spanish and Mandarin)

  • SSAT/SAT Exam Preparation

  • Citizenship Exam Preparation

  • School Planning Consultations

Speciality Programs:

Moving to a new country can be challenging for children and adversely affect their behaviour, emotional well-being, and schooling. We recognize the value of peer support to guide new immigrants and help ease their transition into life in Canada. Apple Tutoring offers exclusive programs geared to empower your child, making them feel at home while developing an understanding of themselves in relation to their culture and Canadian society.

Mentoring Program:

This program is specially designed to assist new Canadian immigrants in learning and adapting to Canadian society. Our tutor will share their knowledge with your child and will serve as both role model and mentor.

Volunteering Program:

Geared towards students looking to earn school credit through volunteering; we will assist your child in researching and applying to prospective volunteer opportunities.

Social Activities:

Geared towards students looking to earn school credit through volunteering; we will assist your child in researching and applying to prospective volunteer opportunities.

We understand that the success of our students is directly correlated to our unique teaching methods carried out by our team of professionally trained and certified tutors. Not only are they experts in their chosen subjects, but they all share a passion and dedication for teaching and helping students get ahead. Most of our tutors are certified teachers, while some have Masters or PhD degrees in their respective areas of study. All have a love of teaching and a respect for your child’s unique learning needs. Let us find the right tutor for your child today! Feel free to give us a call at 604-247-1228 to learn more about Apple Tutoring and the programs we offer that will help your child on the path to academic achievement.

“I came into contact with Rosanna of Apple Tutoring in 2008 and at every stage I found Rosanna to be incredibly helpful and reassuring. She cares greatly about both the students and teachers. Everything from answering questions to giving invaluable tips were provided in a very friendly and personal way. In addition, she is professional and understanding. Working with her has been a wonderful experience!”
Amy Parker
M.A, B. Ed, B.A, TESOL Certified Teacher
Start Date: Sept 19, 2008-present
“After many years with Apple Tutoring, I have had the privilege to work with the most remarkable students. As a tutor, I am given the creative freedom to develop lessons which adds value to each session as both student and teacher are actively engaged in the learning process. Most importantly, establishing a professional relationship between student and teacher has made working as a tutor exceptionally rewarding. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a tutor with Apple Tutoring.”
Grace Markle
B.A, TESOL Certified Teacher
Start Date: Sept 13, 2011-present
“Apple Tutoring is a caring and reliable tutoring service. It prides itself on matching qualified tutors with wonderful families
Lisa Soper
B.A./ B.Ed. 
BC certified teaching certificate
Start Date: August, 2015-present

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